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Some Beautiful Options For That Special Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be as much fun as it nerve-wrecking. There are so many different types to choose from, in many different colours in a who variety of different metal types. The one common theme that runs through most engagement rings is that diamond will be included somewhere, whether as a solitary stone set in the middle of the ring or perhaps one of the stones in one of the 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings that you can see at

Other than the inclusion of diamonds pretty much anything else goes when it comes to an engagement ring and the more personal and fitting it is for your bride to be the better. Taking into consideration your fiancées fashion style along with simple things like what her job entails as well as the size of her finger will help you to determine the style of ring that you want to go. For example, if your bride has very thin dainty fingers you may find that a large ring with one solid diamond may look slightly out of place.

Here are some style examples for you:

Some Beautiful Options For That Special Engagement Ring

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Solitaire Ring

This ring style is probably the most traditional engagement ring design there is. The ring is made from whatever you preferred jewellery metal is, whether that is gold, silver, platinum or rose gold, and a single diamond (again this could be a clear or coloured variety) which is set with either four or six claws holding it in place. Those people looking for a traditional and simplistically elegant engagement ring will often opt for a solitaire design.


Some Beautiful Options For That Special Engagement Ring


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Trilogy Ring

These types of rings like the 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings mentioned above also have their place in engagement history. The three stones usually represent the past, the present and the future. Occasionally the trilogy rings can be designed with a clear diamond at the centre and two coloured ones either side or perhaps other precious stones shouldering themselves to the central diamond. This was the engagement ring design of choice by Prince Harry when he proposed to Megan Markle.

Princess Cut and Cushion

In your traditional solitaire style rings, you will find a diamond that has been cut into a round or oval shape. In Princess Cut rings the centre diamond is cut into a square shape and has a more modern feel to it that the traditional round shape. The central diamond is then sometimes surrounded by other smaller diamonds or different precious stones.… Read More

Choose the Right Bridesmaid

When planning a wedding, one of the decisions that should be made by the bride is anyone who will get the honor to be bridesmaid or bridesmaid on that special day.

Should not just choose, because being a bridesmaid is a mandate that must be carried out with full responsibility. For example, to always standby to help the bride to prepare the name of the invite label or accompany him in the moment he feels anxious. So, we must choose the best robes for bridesmaids.

Even if you want to choose all your friends and relatives to be your companion, do not choose 5 people who have 5 criteria below:

  1. You do not really know him

Just because he is your cousin, do not feel obliged to make him your bridesmaid if you have not met 5 years. Your bridesmaid should contain people who know your love story and personal character and your spouse.

  1. He is unreliable

Even if he is your best friend, do not give responsibility to someone who is unreliable, always late or often breaks the promise. You need someone who can come on time and commit to complete the task of making a bouquet of flowers if you ask him to help.

  1. He is difficult to contact

If you need help choosing a wedding dress or organizing your bachelor party, it’s best that the bridesmaids are ready to respond to all your calls or your short message. The plan will certainly fall apart if you ask for help from someone who is difficult to contact and does not respond.

  1. He has financial problems

Being a bridesmaid does require a person to spend money to sew a bridesmaid dress or buy a plane ticket to your wedding in Bali. If you know of a friend or relative who has economic difficulties, simply ask him to be a guest of honor for your special occasion.

  1. He is jealous of you

A friend who feels jealous of the news of another friend’s engagement is unlikely to be a bridesmaid. If he shows these signs, do not ask him to be your bridesmaid. Avoid drama and choose people who give positive energy to you and your partner.

In the end, if you want to find a bridesmaid dress with a unique design, you should visit… Read More