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Why Vintage Fashion Will Not Go Out of Style

Vintage fashion is often mistaken for a recent occurrence. However, vintage style fashion isn’t something of a short term fad. In actual fact, vintage style fashion has always been part and parcel of the fashion scene.

Back in the 1960s, vintage was about wearing something from the 40s or earlier, and in the 80s, vintage clothing was about wearing something from the 60s and earlier. At very period in history, vintage fashion was present, although what was considered as vintage differed from era to era.

At every era, “new” clothing becomes classified as vintage, thus driving a new style of old clothing. This “new” style of clothing is what causes many people to mistake vintage fashion as something new and unique to their generation. But the truth is, people from every era had their own brand of vintage style fashion. Many of these brands of fashion also stay in style across many generations and decades. What was considered as vintage clothing twenty years ago can still be accepted as vintage clothing today.

Vintage fashion doesn’t actually go out of style because they are clothing that have already gone out of vogue and back. Vintage fashion runs through nearly the past one hundred years, so what is considered vintage fashion ten years ago is still relevant today.

Perhaps vintage style fashion that you get today could become antique clothing in fifty years time, or if you had gotten a really old dress, it could become antique in ten or twenty years time. And if that happens, your vintage gowns aren’t really going out of style. They are being upgraded to antique status.… Read More