Month: September 2019

Why Vintage Fashion Will Not Go Out of Style

Vintage fashion is often mistaken for a recent occurrence. However, vintage style fashion isn’t something of a short term fad. In actual fact, vintage style fashion has always been part and parcel of the fashion scene.

Back in the 1960s, vintage was about wearing something from the 40s or earlier, and in the 80s, vintage clothing was about wearing something from the 60s and earlier. At very period in history, vintage fashion was present, although what was considered as vintage differed from era to era.

At every era, “new” clothing becomes classified as vintage, thus driving a new style of old clothing. This “new” style of clothing is what causes many people to mistake vintage fashion as something new and unique to their generation. But the truth is, people from every era had their own brand of vintage style fashion. Many of these brands of fashion also stay in style across many generations and decades. What was considered as vintage clothing twenty years ago can still be accepted as vintage clothing today.

Vintage fashion doesn’t actually go out of style because they are clothing that have already gone out of vogue and back. Vintage fashion runs through nearly the past one hundred years, so what is considered vintage fashion ten years ago is still relevant today.

Perhaps vintage style fashion that you get today could become antique clothing in fifty years time, or if you had gotten a really old dress, it could become antique in ten or twenty years time. And if that happens, your vintage gowns aren’t really going out of style. They are being upgraded to antique status.… Read More

How To Dress in a Vintage Style

Vintage clothing, and vintage style clothing, offers the wearer a fantastic opportunity to create a unique, interesting, and exceptionally fashionable look. Vintage clothing is very fashionable, creating an air of chic sophistication on the part of the wearer, whilst at the same time, imbuing the wearer with a relaxed and carefree style attitude. If you feel that vintage clothing reflects your personality, then why not consider trying out this fashion trend. However, beware, that the look can be quite difficult to pull-off well, and fashion faux pas’ are rife when first experimenting with the vintage look. If you want to try, however, read the advice that follows, and you are much more likely to succeed.

The first consideration you need to make is whether you will choose to purchase genuine vintage clothing or vintage style clothing. There are different advantages and disadvantages to both:

Vintage clothing:


The main advantage is price, these are second hand, and the price generally reflects that the item has some wear. Another advantage is that these clothes are more likely to be one-of-a-kind; others of the same style have probably been lost to the annals of time.


A key disadvantage is that other people, something that you may be uncomfortable with, will have worn the clothes. In addition, they may need special treatments, such as an expensive dry-cleaning technique, which will take both time and money.

Vintage style clothing:


Clothes will be new, and so you will not have to worry about any form of cleaning before you wear the clothes.

Leading fashion designers will have created these clothes for the mass market; they will therefore conform to current trends – meaning that the chances of making a fashion mistake will be less.


Clothes will be more expensive, reflecting the fact that they are new, and have been designed carefully. The clothes will be mass-produced, and so a unique look is difficult to achieve.

After you choose whether to opt for vintage or vintage style, you then need to select an era. The vintage decades are generally thought of as the 1920s-1960s. Clothes from each of these decades is suitable in contemporary fashions, the difficulty arises in deciding between each decade. If you are unsure which era to choose, simply research the different genres available in each era and then make your choice based on personal preference.

Next, when choosing to dress in a vintage style, you must ensure that the complete outfit is congruent. In other words, that each item follows the vintage look – try not to mix and match different styles. This means that you will have to buy shoes, hats, belts, and any other accessories you may like to wear, in a matching style.

Remember, in the past, hair and make-up tended to be effortless, and not the over exaggerated styles we see today – very few people had orange hair and skin in the 1920s-1970s, so keep true to the style, and go natural.… Read More