How to Make and Attach Patches for Jackets?

How to Make and Attach Patches for Jackets?

Making patches can be tough if you don’t know how to sew, but there are many other ways you can make your design come to life. Because they are becoming popular every day, everyone would like to have their own at some point. Clothing companies are implementing them, so it doesn’t give you much room to improvise, but there will always be jackets without any print where you can put your design.

It also matters on which type of jacket you would like to have it on because some materials are bad for remodeling. Denim or leather jackets are most used for patching. Choosing the spot and the type is the most important thing because once everything is in place, you can’t reverse it or it will be damaged. There are many cool patches for jackets available on the internet, but people today tend to use Gucci’s snake or tiger the most.

How to Make One?

For the start, you will need an embroidery hoop, embroidery cotton, cloth, and a needle. If you don’t have cloth, you can also use any thick fabric, and all jeans, for example, will work perfectly fine. So, you start out by either drawing or printing out your design, make sure it has big broad outlines, so you can see it through the cloth.

Place it in your embroidery hoop, and pull on every side until it is nice and tight, then get your design and trace your outlines onto the cloth. After that, you are ready to stitch. Choose your color and start at the top of your design doing horizontal stitches all the way to the bottom. Make sure to spare out any other colored parts.

Once you have finished, split your extra string into two and secure everything with a few knots. You should repeat this process for other colors also. In the end, you should get black cotton and trace every line in your design, but not the outline.

Next step is to cut out the design but leave someplace around it. If you want to be secure and prevent any falling apart, use glue and place on the edges of your design. After that, you can cut the rest of the cloth but leave 2 to 3 millimeters for the outline.

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Attaching Biker Patches

Biker patches are used all over the world, and every biker group has their own symbol. They usually wear leather jackets, so sewing by hand can be difficult, but everyone can do it from home if they have a sewing machine. You will need some specific materials if you want it to last longer.

First, you will need an 18 gauge needle. Secondly, you need a wide stitch. Your stitch needs to be almost an eighth of an inch wide so you will reduce the risk of tearing. Also, you want to use upholstery thread which doesn’t come in a lot of colors, but you will be able to find most of them. It is a stronger thread that you shouldn’t be able to break with your hands.

When you are all prepared, you need to know where you are going to put the patch on the jacket. You can spray a little bit of glue just to make it secure when it is about to be sewed. Always make sure that the liner is straight underneath the vest when you are sewing. Also, make sure your needle is down through the leather when you are rotating, in that way you won’t lose your stitch. Read more on this link.

Applying Patches on Bomber Jacket

When you figured out which design you are going to use, you will also need Loctite spray, adhesive kind. Flip the one you’ve picked on the wrong side and just spray a couple of layers. Then you should carefully transfer that over to your piece of clothing. When you place it down, make sure that there are no folds in your fabric or else it’s going to stay permanently like that, and be sure to add a lot of pressure.

After you do your first layer, you want to pick the size of the embroidery patch. With an adhesive, there’s going to be parts of the patch you probably missed especially the sides. If you sides are picking up after 10 minutes then you want to reapply some more Loctite.

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Most Popular Patches

Patches were actually very popular in the 70s with the hippie movement, but in 2010s the most popular brand started implementing them in their designs. That also helped the market to grow because people who couldn’t afford these clothes were making their own designs by buying them from stores or making their own.

The most recognized one is the tongue by rolling stones which was made in the 70s. If we talk about newer designs, big companies like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel all had clothes with patches. Gucci’s snake has not only been used as a jacket patch, but the symbol became so popular that you can see it on phone cases, shoes, wallets, and other accessories.

Supreme became one of the most popular brands to younger generations made by Louis Vuitton. Their most sold T-shirt and jacket only have the supreme logo as a patch which can cost over $300. Red roses also became a clothing symbol which you can see everyone mostly used on denim jackets.

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History of Patches

For hundreds of years, they have been used to cover holes in clothing and for uniforms. Just in past 4 to 5 decades, they started to represent many different people. You can find many vintage patches on eBay. In the 60s there was a new group of protesters that started using patches on their clothes which symbolized peace. So, we could say that hippies contributed to the expansion of patches. Read more here.

In the 80s and 90s when rock and punk was the most popular genre of music, and everyone had a leather or denim jacket, patches were used to represent many different groups. They looked opposite of hippie culture with many dark symbols like bones.